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Is it your dream to play college football?
Join Super Bowl Champion and Former College Football Scout Jamin Elliott As He Presents You With VALUABLE and CRITICAL Knowledge on the College Recruiting Process. 
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Jamin Elliot
Football recruiting help
The college recruiting process step-by-step.
Football recruiting help
Requirements For ALL Prospects
NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Center and status requirements for all prospects. 
Myths and Facts
Myths and facts of the recruiting process.
Jamin Elliot
About Your Presenter
Jamin Elliott
"Growing up in a single parent household, in a housing project in Portsmouth, VA, I knew that my mom didn’t have the means to send me to college. I knew that my only way to possibly get there would be through athletics. 

When I was in high school, I was an under-recruited football athlete. Because of style of play of my high school team, I wasn’t given many opportunities to showcase my talent to college coaches. But the opportunities I did get, I tried my best to take advantage of. I wasn’t being recruited by major football schools at all. I feared that I may miss out on my dream of playing college football and falling through the cracks just like so many have before me. (We all know of deserving student athletes that fell through the cracks because they NEVER got that opportunity). 

Fortunately, the University of Delaware saw enough in me to offer me a full athletic scholarship! Well to make a long story short, I became one of the school’s ALL-TIME leading wide receivers, was inducted into school’s athletic HALL OF FAME, and was drafted in the 6th Round by the Chicago Bears of the National Football League

I spent 6 years in the NFL with 3 different teams—being blessed to have won a SUPER BOWL Championship with the New England Patriots. My story is a true testament, that once a kid is given an opportunity, the sky is the limit for them--BUT THEY HAVE TO BE GIVEN THAT OPPORTUNITY FIRST! Not only did the University of Delaware give me an opportunity to live out my dream of playing college football, it gave me the opportunity to get a college degree and better my life."

If You Dream of Playing College Athletics, This Webinar Is Going To Save Time Change Your Life
Helping DESERVING student athletes get an opportunity to live out their dream of playing college athletics is not only my passion but MY PURPOSE. THIS IS BIGGER THAN ME!
Parents and Athletes
Come and Join:
  •  Super Bowl Champion
  •  Former College Football Scout
  • #1 Athletic Recruiting Adviser
Jamin Elliott
As He Presents You With VALUABLE and CRITICAL Knowledge on the College Recruiting Process. 

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