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Make Your Next 40 Yard Dash a New Personal Record
Why Is Speed So Important In Football?
The Proven Program To Instantly 
Sprint Faster
Let's be honest, being fast is a game changer in any game or sport. How many times have you seen games won because the winning team was faster? That is why you hear coaches emphasize the saying "Speed Kills" to their athletes.

How fast you are can determine your athletic career. When recruiters look to scout athletes, they look at how fast the athlete is when determining to invest in them or not. Imagine your favorite team recruiting you to play for them. The team is down to their last offer and they have two athletes in mind they want to offer... but they are not sure who to take. They go to the scouting report to check the 40-times and decide to offer the player with the faster 40. But the ultimate question is,... will you have prepared yourself enough to be the fastest and most explosive athlete you can be to be the one picked? 

Increasing your speed doesn't have to be hard. It takes a little push from an expert trainer or mentor who has been in your shoes, and a self-motivating and winning mindset to put in the work from you. 

Wanting to be able to run faster doesn't start tomorrow. It starts NOW. Your competition is working hard every day to make it to the next level.  "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today"

This is why athletes use this "Flash Speed Program" that is an easy-to-follow, proven speed training program guaranteed to make you faster and drop your 40-yard dash time. You will receive a step-by-step weekly speed training plan focusing on targeting the muscles that are most important for building top speed. Invest in yourself and start sprinting faster today!
How Training With Gridiron Will Help You
Discover the exact workouts for increasing speed. 
We focus on targeting the muscles that are most important for building top speed.

Produce game-changing agility and quickness laterally by training the muscles utilized in side to side and lateral movements.  
Learn new plyometric exercises that will help you develop fast twitch muscle fibers to increase your vertical jump, flexibility, and explosiveness. 
 Benefits & Results
Get ALL These FREE Gifts When You Start The Flash Program Today!
Along with the Flash Speed Program to help you sprint faster, the program also gives you Several Gift Bonuses
The bonuses are designed to increase your athleticism in a faster and more effective way to reach your goals!
BONUS #1: Gridiron Explosive Plyometrics
The Gridiron Explosive Plyometrics Program is a step-by-step program that gives you all the tools you need to learn how to increase your Vertical Jump, Broad Jump, and Explosiveness.
Because the Vertical Jump is an important test to help determine athleticism and power, we cover several essential exercises for training your Vertical Jump, and provide you with an eight-week program that you can follow to increase it.
speed training program pdf
BONUS #2: Gridiron Complete Nutrition
As an athlete, there are foods you should be eating because they support growth in the muscles. The Gridiron Complete Nutrition gives you a detailed plan of foods and supplements you should be eating and taking to achieve maximum results. 
Learn when are the best times to eat on workout and non-workout days so you get the most out of your workouts and recovery days.
speed training program pdf
BONUS #3: Weekly Check-Ins
Let's be honest, it is easy for someone to get started with a program, but harder to stay motivated and finish to the end. Every program takes mental toughness to commit to stay on track to achieve your goals.

Just as you are committed to achieving your athletic goals, we are committed in keeping you on track and focused with weekly check-ins. You will also receive Coach Burgos phone number for immediate questions and check-ins.

Also, you will also receive 5 free tickets for 4 teammates and you to attend our recruiting webinar "Is It Your Dream To Play College Ball" hosted by former Super Bowl Champion Jamin Elliott!
speed training program pdf
BONUS #4: Lifetime Access To Position Drills
You will automatically receive access to the position drills specific to your position. If you play two positions (say WR and CB) you will receive access for both! 

Just as you are committed to getting faster, I know you are committed to getting better at your position. With new drills updated every week, you will have a variety of drills to work on at the field to get you ready for season.
speed training program pdf
Gridiron Elite Training Proven System 
  • Bonus Gift #1: Explosive Plyometrics Program
  • Bonus Gift #2: Gridrion Complete Nutrition
  • Bonus Gift #3:  Weekly Check-In & Accountability 
  • Bonus Gift #4: Lifetime Access To Position Drills
Get Your Lifetime Access To All Of The Above Today. 
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Still Have Questions? See Our FAQ
How can I get access to the programs?
After your order the Speed Program, you will be emailed IMMEDIATELY with the PDF of the programs and video demonstrations of the workouts. You can access the program on any device connected to the internet. I recommend downloading the programs and saving them on your computer and phone for easy access.
How long is the program and how many days a week?
The Speed Program only requires three days per week and is 8 weeks long. The Explosive Plyometrics program requires three days per week and is 8 weeks long. 
Will I need to buy any equipment?
What's great about the speed program is you can do this without dropping the bank buying extra equipment. I recommend you have access to at least a field with grass or turf to perform certain exercises. All of the exercises can be done without equipment. For best results, we recommend at least having access to ankle resistance bands.
What if I am really busy with school, work, sports, etc?
No need to worry! We understand everyone is busy so we made the programs only 3 days a week and all you need is 45 minutes to 1 hour to get results. Also, we will keep you on track and focused throughout the programs by checking in with you every week (that does not mean we can't talk every day to stay motivated). We are here for you!
What happens with my payment information?
You can trust that we use ONLY Securely Encrypted SHA-256 SSL to keep your data communication safe to process your payment. 
Is there a risk free money back guarantee?
You can try the program 100% risk free. We guarantee you a 60 day money back guarantee. For whatever reason we are not a good fit for your goals, you can contact us at anytime within the first 60 days and we will refund you and we will let you keep the programs.
What happens after I complete the program?
We jump on a call and measure what you've accomplished and document a training plan to maintain the gains you've achieved for the long term. We are here for you, we want you to maintain and continue striving for the best.
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